At the end of a long quest, two friends from the freezing north finally make it to a sunny beach.

Happy and cheerful, they rejoice and play until by mistake they knock down the sun into the


To save the world from eternal darkness, the two clumsy chaps embark on a rescue mission,

and sail a boat across the sea. They seek for the lost sun above and under the water, loose

direction, quarrel, get shipwrecked, loose each other and nearly perish in a storm! Luckily,

there is a quick way to empty the sea, and our friends finally find each other safe and sound!

But what about the sun?

The show was created in 2015 by Fyodor Makarov and Losha Gavrielov through support of the Israeli Culture Ministry. It has been performed over 100 times in Israel, Germany, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Duration: 50 min.

Age: 3 and up.

Language: none.


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