Round Table talk. Lecture

This is an encounter for all those who are passionate about art and theatre but also a bit about human kind.

In this lecture we offer an open view on what is called art of performance as we see it and how we have come to that particular stage language of Davai.

We’ll mention some history facts, scientific theories, see what lies between theatre and performance, we would also speak of what we believe contemporary clown might be about. How what we do refers, if at all, to tragedy or comedy, and what does it have to do with Samurai, Tibet monk, Shaman or possibly an Imposteur.

We’re open to any questions and are mostly wish to offer another perspective.

Finally we promise to be fun and entertaining however serious some subjects may sound. We would also make some jazz together with you.

Up to 1.5  hours

Requirements: a lecture hall with a projector, speakers.

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