Omar Trio – a musical journey into the anonymous past.

An acoustic encounter of Professional Omars

A concert offering:

Original songs inspired by world hits, alternative arrangements  – a courtesy to great classics.

Musical eccentrics on weird instruments. Unspoken thoughts. Spoken word of melancholy.

“Performed traditionally after dark, Omar Trio is a secret ritual celebrating Omarish thought, Omaric play and the light of Omarism. Join The Omarz (Omar, Omar and Omar), as they practice The Ancient Songbook of the Omar; A purifying collection of poems consisting of O-riginal O-mar texts, alongside classical songs and melodies interpreted in the Omaristic style.”

Elad Sadan, pianist.






Omar Goldman – Vitaly Azarin – vocals, double bass, piano, lyrics, trombone.

Omar Maestro – Elad Sadan – piano, double bass, vocals, composition, lyrics.


Photos: Vladimir Popov