In this exhilarating roadshow, DAVAI group plays musicians in a Swedish thrash metal band who stumble onto the wrong stage and have to adapt their wild show to an audience of children. The show must go on! Grim idols of Nordic metal accept the challenge and save the show, using wild imagination and unexpected talents to create a hilarious rock concert for children and their parents.

With the magical and witty language of clowning, the performers ask the children in the audience about their world, communicate with them at eye level, and show little and big viewers how we can communicate in a rich language of images, objects, music and dance.

The premier show was held at The Israel Festival 2019, Jerusalem.



Incubator Theater Production

Directing, writing, performing, set design: DAVAI group

Musicians: Sergey Burkov, Ori Noaz

Musical director: Sergey Burkov

Technical management and operation: Iliya Gerchikov

Directing consultant: Gili Ivri

Dramaturgical consultation: Arik Eshet

Choreography consultation: Arthur Astman

Musical production: Eyal Talmudi

Costume design: Yasmin Wollek

Musical instruments construction: Uri Brauner Kinrot

Camera and video editing: David Aleksandrov

Photographer: Arik Shraga

50 min.

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