“The whole world can fit in a teapot” – Chinese proverb

Where are we? We don’t know.

Where did we come from? We don’t remember.

One thing for sure: now it’s the time for a cup of tea!

A physical comedy about three eccentrics sharing a crammed run-down flat: bulbs burning out, pipes bursting, mosquitoes biting, brains jammed, the outer world sending threatening signals… But these gentlemen want to have tea, and they will have it, even if the entire world is falling to pieces!  

UNDER CONSTRUCTION pulls the audience into a poetic, phantasmagoric realm, saturated with absurd humour. And beyond the clownesque and the grotesque, the physical virtuosity and the laughter, the show reveals insights about the world and how we cope with it.

Written, directed and performed by DAVAI group with the financial support of the Israeli Culture Ministry.

Duration: 1hr 20min

Language: none

Audience: teenage, adult

Cast: Vitaly Azarin, Losha Gavrielov, Fyodor Makarov | Set and sound design: Losha Gavrielov | Costumes: Yasmin Wollek | Original music: Daniel Sinaisky

Festivals: Int’l Puppet Theater Festival, Jerusalem (IL); Encuentros Clown, Mexico City (MX); BRM, New Delhi (IN); Infant, Serbia (SR); FITO, Ourense (SP)

Dec 22 @ 20:00
20:00 — 21:20 (1h 20′)

Studio Davai Tel Aviv

Davai Group